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About Us

Who We Are

Benz Spring Company was founded in 1922 by August Benz, August Benz believed that hard work, persistence and value were the key to making customers happy.


What We Do

We manufacture leaf springs of every type, description, and application. We take steel stock in one side of the building. We cut, shape, forge, temper, heat treat and fit bushings, right here in our facility. We have the specifications for thousands of types of leaf springs. If you need a spring, we probably already have it made. We also wholesale undercarriage parts for cars, trucks and heavy duty trucks.

Our Past History

The Original Benz Spring Company was Founded by August Benz (1893-1978). In 1922 August founded the original manufacturing facility at 89-91 N. 9th Street in Portland, Oregon. The original phone number was BRDY 3140. In 1928 August opened a second office in Seattle, Washington, and they operated as a satellite office until the 1970’s.image006

The first catalog was a single page cardboard wall hanger and included names of trucks long ago forgotten: Bethlehem Truck, Denby, Master, Maxwell, Republic, Sampson and Velie. We still make springs for these trucks! In the late 1920’s, Benz Spring Company designed the first overload set for trucks. Today we call them helper springs. Benz Spring serviced and installed such things as Gruss Air Springs, wood trunks and racks for the back of passenger cars and traction kits for Model T’s.

In the 1930’s, Benz Spring Company manufactured leather belts for the belt driven machinery used in many manufacturing shops. We also manufactured “Husky” hydraulic hoists and custom designed cylinders for jacks and pullers. One unusual use of steel leaf springs manufactured by Benz Spring Company was to raise the “Bridge of the Gods” at Cascade Locks, back when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built Bonneville Dam. The specifications called for a leaf spring used to be with the lifting jacks, to absorb vibration at each bridge tower.

Throughout the 1940’s, Benz Spring Company produced many of the logging trailer springs manufactured for Trombly, Beall, Fierce, Page and Isaacson. We have been busy since the 1940’s. Benz Spring Company has manufactured springs for any heavy weight vehicle, on or-off-highway trucks, trailers, or tractors, using leaf springs. We have built springs to fit many common and specialty applications.